Major Things About Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Major Things About Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airline or Alaska Air is the Leading Airline of the United States. From Quality of Food to Flight Attendant Services, everything is fine in this airline. Today, we are going to tell you some of the major things about Alaska Airlines Pet Policy for all those travelers who are thinking to travel in this airline with their pet.

Types of Pets Allowed in Alaska Airline:

1. Only Household Pets and Birds are Allowed in Alaska Airline Cabin

2. Small Pets like Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Birds are allowed in the Cabin of Alaska Air

3. Big Birds and Big Pets Like Pit Bull Types Dogs are Not Allowed in Airline

How Many Pets Allowed in Alaska Air Flights?

1. One Passenger is allowed to travel with maximum 2 Pets (must be purchase 2 seats in the airline).

2 On the other hand, Two Pets of Same Breed are Allowed in One Carrier

Fee in Alaska Airline For Pet Travel:

The Fee in Alaska Flights for Pet Travel is quite affordable than other airline like Delta Airlines or United Airlines. Alaska Airline is Charging $100 for a Single Pet Each Way in the Cabin

Pet Travel Conditions in Alaska Airlines:

  • The weight of Pet Carrier must not exceed 20 lbs
  • The age of dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old
  • The Maximum Dimension of Hard-Sided Pet Carrier in Alaska Airline Must Have 17" x 11" x 7.5" (43 cm x 28 cm x 19 cm) and soft-sided carriers must not exceed 17" x 11" x 9.5" (43 cm x 28 cm x 48 cm).
  • Pet Carrier Must Have Good Ventilation and Leak Proof.
  • Pet Kennel Must be Strong and Easy to Handle
  • Carrier Dimension of Pet Must Not Exceed than 30" x 27" x 40" (76 cm x 68 cm x 101 cm).

Breeds of Dogs Which are Not Allowed in Alaska Airline:

  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer (all breeds)
  • Bull dog (all breeds)
  • Bull Terrier, Brussels Griffon
  • Chow Chow
  • English Toy Spaniel, Japanese Spaniel/Japanese Chin
  • Mastiff (all breeds)
  • Pekingese
  • Pit Bull (all breeds)
  • Pug (all breeds)
  • Shih Tzu, Staffordshire Terrier; cat breeds are Burmese
  • Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, and Persian


Therefore, this is all about the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy Major Things. You must confirm your Alaska Airlines Reservations with your pet after checking the policy and terms of the airline. You must follow these terms and rules if you don’t want to face any kind of hassles at the time of boarding.