Privacy Policy

Before going to use the website you required to read our privacy policy. Our terms of services and privacy and cookie policy mainly explain:-

  1. How We Collect Your Data
  2. Why We Collect Your Data
  3. How We Handle and Use Your Data

Way4Fly also reviews the privacy policy in the period when we required changing or updates any terms and information across our entire website, mobile apps and other portals.¬¬ You need to review our policy time to time because when we feel to change any update or information on the website then we update our privacy policy and terms of use without any intimation of notification. Therefore, it is your duty whenever you are browsing on our website you required to reviews our Privacy Policy again.

Why and How We Collect Your Personal Information?

The information of the users on this website is only collected with their consent. Without consent, we never collect the data and information of the users on the website. We required the data and information of the customers for providing them adequate information for which they are browsing on our website. Or we collect the information for enhancing the experience of the users on Way4Fly.

  • To ensure our services are reachable and required for the users on not on a particular device like mobile or web.
  • We want to measure the requirements and queries of the customers. This is the reason, that providing the best search results and options to the users we collect the data of the users while browsing on the website.
  • To make a booking on Way4Fly we required the details of the customers and that’s why we collect the basic information for making a booking through this portal.
  • To complete the booking from any particular service on Way4Fly
  • To inform customers about their booking, alerts, notification and other important offers and plans of the services we required the communication data of the users.

What We Collect From You?

Contact Information:

We collect the information of the users including name, email address, mobile number, date of birth and city.

Information on Identify:

To make your booking successful we also required the information related to your identity including your name, address, gender, immigration status, nationality and date of birth.

Payment Data:

In the payment information to complete the booking of the customers, we required the debit card number, expiry date, and One Time Password also.

Travel Booking Information:

The record and data of the passenger are also collected by us including the booking reference, booking history, passenger name record, ID proof details like Passport information.

Demographic Data:

The name, age, gender, location and preferred language of the users also.

Device Information:

We also collect your device information like on which device you are browsing like mobile, computer and tablet.

Specific Location Data Information:

We also track the location of the users based on their GPS Device form your device, mobile or web.

We also track the IP Address of the users while browsing on our website.

You’re browsing a Page Visiting History:

For which search term you had a query on our website or which pages of services and products viewed by the user have also come in the data collected by us of the users.

You’re Way4Fly Search History:

We also collect the data of travel preference and Way4Fly Search History of the users

Interaction with Website:

  1. How the user is interacting with our services.
  2. Time spending of the user on our website, app or pages
  3. Your clicked link history on Way4Fly
  4. For Which Travel Supplier You Had to Make Booking

User Browsing and Preference Information:

Your browser preference with the Way4Fly Platform including you declined or provides name, email, push notification preference, etc.

Information of Communication:

To responds the feedback and help customers for solving their queries and receiving requests via email or any other sources we also collect the data of communication like chats, emails, and messages of the users.

User-Provided Content:

Your uploaded content on our websites like your reviews, comments, queries, photos, videos, recommendations and preference related metadata with the time and data. That means we collect the content of the users which they enter while browsing on our website.

Any information you had submitted to us for the correspondence like signatures, photographs and other data.

Social Media Account Information:

If you linked your Way4Fly Account with your social media accounts then we also fetch the information related to your Social Media Accounts.

Update in Privacy Policy:

If we feel to change our privacy policy anytime in the future then we will update or review it without information or intimation to the clients. For any changes, legal requirements or changes in our services we also updated our privacy policy without any notification. New changes and updates in the privacy policy will apply for all sales from the effective date of the policy.

Our Contact Information:

In case if you have any queries and further questions about our privacy policy, terms and conditions then fill our inquiry form or contact us on the given details.

Why We Collect Your Data:

The major reason to collect user’s data is by providing a great experience to the users on the website. We want to improve the user queries or want to simplify the browsing experience or search experience on our website adequately and that’s why we collect the user’s data. To solve the user’s queries we also required your data. We want to maximize user-friendly features on our website and that’s why we required the general information from the side of the users.

Links to Other Website:

Way4Fly Services Pages may also link with other websites or services that are now owned by way4fly. These are the links of our travel partner or group companies.


The services are not for kids under 16 years of age.

How Long We Keep Your Data?

We store your data as long as we required it or for any legal reasons. When we not required your data then we delete it. We may store your data as long as your account is activating on Way4Fly. Once your account is deactivated we not stored or keep your data. However, if some information stored by us then it may have a valid reason for storing your data.